UPDATE: Mindie is now ready for adoption.

Please be aware although Mindie has sight issues she is still a working cocker that will need a high level of stimulation and plenty of exercise.  All resident dogs will need to be neutered.  Someone at home a lot of the day as she is used to being left.
The puppies are being homed separately as they have different needs and personalities.
Hi my name is mindie I am a working cocker with very little sight, it doesn’t hold me back my Foster mum does scent work with me which I love. I go to work with my Foster mum and sister so I’m used to noise and dogs and I get lots of cuddles. I’m also use to cats, I travel well.
I would love to carry on my scent work I think I could do man trailing as well and may be some tracking. If you feel you can give me all I need please give Linda or Pip a call
Our little blind spaniel pups are doing well. They have seen the vets and sadly there is nothing to be done for their sight, they both have limited vision but cope very well with their disability.
They are gaining weight and have had their first vaccination.
We will soon be looking for their very special forever homes.

We have taken in two emergency puppies, 7 weeks old merle, cocker spaniels they have obviously got some issues with their eyes and will be seen by a vet asap, photos have been sent to a specialist.  They have passed loads of live worms, so have been wormed not up for rehoming currently.


8 Weeks
Smooth Coat
Still growing
Good with other dogs
Fine with cats
Maybe ok with children

Get in touch with us about this lovely dog!

Pip: 01386 853971 (Weekdays after 5pm, Weekends anytime)

Linda: 01212 584510 (Weekdays after 5pm, Weekends anytime)