Daisy is a very special little girl, she came to us last October, a very sickly little dog.  As soon as she arrived she had to be taken straight to our vets, she was having difficulty breathing and it was clear she was very poorly. The vets were deeply concerned about her as she needed an urgent X-ray but there was a huge risk putting her under anaesthetic with such a poorly chest.

Thankfully she made it through and it gave us the answers we needed to help her. It was discovered she had a chronic lung condition with a secondary infection on top, she had been suffering for a long time without any treatment, sadly even with this condition Daisy had been bred from multiple times and had not long had her last litter.  I still to this day cannot comprehend how she managed to raise a litter of puppies when she was struggling to breath for herself.

Although we now had a diagnosis Daisy’s outcome was poor, the vets were very concerned and said if she didn’t make improvements in the next few days on the medication she was given, we would need to look at the quality of life, as it was clear she was struggling. Thankfully Daisy made huge improvements on the medication, we also added some natural supplements to help support her. It took a good few months to get her well enough that we could think about spaying her, there was an increased risk with the anaesthetic but we felt due to her breeding history it was worth the chance.   The operation went well and she made a speedy recovery.

Just when we thought the worst was over Daisy little body decided to throw us a curve ball and she developed a saliva duct abscess, which required several courses of antibiotics and another anaesthetic procedure to flush out the duct.  This was a very stressful time as we thought she might need an operation to fix the issue and that would have been a long and risky operation.  Thankfully, it wasn’t required and it seems to have completely gone away.

So fast forward to July, Daisy is now very stable and we think it is time to try and find her a very special home of her own. Daisy’s condition is life limiting but we have no idea how long she will have it could be weeks, months but hopefully years, none of this guaranteed, so any home needs to understand this. Daisy is currently taking Corvental tablets and steroids along with some other natural supporting medication.

Thanks to the medication Daisy is a happy, playful, naughty little doggy who is loving life and to the outside world she looks like a normal dog. Daisy is good with other dogs and she has meet a couple of cats which went well but she is not good with small furries or birds.  She has a really strong hunting instinct and is very persistent if she wants to get to something, a squeaky in a soft toy doesn’t stand a chance. Daisy needs a home that is around most of the day, she is not house trained and because of the steroids she has lots of accidents so needs a home willing to cope with this, this includes accidents over night. Daisy is on a weight control food to keep her weight in check. She needs to be kept on the lean side as extra weight won’t help her condition, she is a persistent thief and will steal food at any opportunity so any food needs to be kept under lock and key.

Daisy would like a nice garden to potter around and explore, she only needs limited exercise but does enjoy a little walk as she loves to see new things. Daisy isn’t great at meeting people in her home and can be very defensive so she is looking for a quiet home with few visitors because of this we also won’t be homing her with children. Daisy is one of the most loving and loyal dogs I know.  She loves her humans that she knows and trusts and is the foster homes shadow. She is strong and courageous, funny and loving she deserves a 5 star who will treasure her for the rest of her life.

7 Years
Smooth Coat
8″ to shoulder approx
Great with other dogs
Maybe good with cats
Not fine with children

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