Update – Eila has had her stitches out but she has had a bit of an upset stomach, she has also had to be put on 3 weeks of antibiotics as the wound where the pin comes out of her skin looked a bit infected so we have had another trip to the vet, she will be going back every 2 weeks to keep a check on things for the next month or two.
The good news is the vets are pleased with her progress and she is the most sweetest little girl who is coping so well with all this.

Poor Elia had 2 big surgeries to fix her leg and pelvis considering her size the swelling was huge due to the trauma to her leg and pelvis. The vets have done a wonderful job of putting her back together. The pin will stay sticking out of her body so it can be easily removed in the future. She now has 8 weeks recovery and crate rest ahead of her.

Sadly we have taken in another poor soul, broken femur, fractures to the pelvis, open wound to the groin from the open fracture and she is only 7 months old, we have named her Eila and she has had an emergency operation, plates, pins etc  Eila is very bruised, swollen, we are keeping everything crossed for this dear little mite, the vets bill is going to be around £3,000

7 months
Fluffy Coat
?” to shoulder
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