Griff has got horrific injuries to his leg that could take months of treatment , he is visiting the vet every other day for cleaning and dressing changes he is on long term antibiotics, pain relief and anti inflammatory’s

He is a beautiful sweet little soul but is not going to be fully assessed until his injuries have completely healed, we know he is good in the car due to his regular vet visits he is fully house trained, very good on the lead and loves his cuddles and fuss.

He is on reduced exercise due to the injury we are hoping for a good prognosis long term but this can change at any point due to the seriousness of the injury .

We will keep you updated on his recovery but please do not contact us at this time about him.

2 year
Fluffy Coat
20 to shoulder
Great with other dogs
Not fine with cats
Not fine with children

Get in touch with us about this lovely dog!

Pip: 01386 853971

Linda: 01212 584510