Lola – 12 month old small, female lurcher, currently being assessed.
Lola is a very affectionate young girl and is not afraid to ask for a cuddle. She is on the small side for her breed and is incredibly loyal, staying by your feet all day. For her age she is incredibly well mannered – she sits for her treats, is fully house trained and doesn’t beg at the dinner table.
Lola would thrive in an active forever home as she really enjoys her walks and the occasional early morning jog. She gets along well with other large dogs.
Lola will need another dog not elderly that must be whippet sized or bigger.  No cats or small furries.  Needs a fully fenced, secure, enclosed garden.
Lola is not stock safe.  Any children in the home must be 10 years plus.  She can be left 3 to 4 hour per day, but is used to someone being around a lot.
She would like an active home, she has been running with the foster home and absolutely loves it.
1 Year
Rough Coat
?” to shoulder
Great with other dogs
Not good with cats
Good with children 10 +

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