UPDATE: Milo (translation: “brave”) is a sweet-natured, very polite dog. He is a young, medium-sized (19 kg) Saluki or Saluki-lurcher cross. Milo came into foster as a shy little boy but has come on well. He is now less afraid of the big wide world, and gaining in confidence every day. He has made good progress in lead walking, toilet training and being left alone, though all of these require further work. He has a beautiful temperament and is very polite and gentle when meeting adults, children and other dogs (though he is a bit unsure about boisterous, noisy dogs). He is a great companion in the house and although he can sometimes be spooked by unexpected noises or movements, he is resilient around most house noises and hustle and bustle of daily activities in his foster home. He would probably be more comfortable in a relatively quiet and calm household, although he could live in a busy household as long as his sensitivity is respected. He loves his walks and doesn’t mind walking in the rain as long as he has his raincoat on. He is interested in squirrels and other small creatures, though he doesn’t have a very strong prey drive. He will make some lucky family or person very happy.



Stunning Milo out on his morning walk this lovely boy will be castrated next week and then we will be looking for a forever home for him.

18 months
Feathered Coat
21″ to shoulder
Good with other dogs
Maybe ok with cats
Maybe ok with children

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