Missy is a very happy, inquisitive and social dog.  Great on the lead and loves a walk as long as there is time for sniffs.  She is a very social dog and wants to say hello to any human or dog you pass on your travels. She very much wishes to be in company and will happily be close by as you go about you day and will want a leg to rest her head on at night. She is very quick to bond with people and gets a little separation anxiety at night, but this will vanish once she understands your daily routine. She is wary of men when she first meets them but will relax and make friends within half an hour or so. Missy also makes sure that your morning welcome from her is incredibly enthusiastic and makes sure your day starts off on a positive note. Missy is quite food driven which would help with any training, but you do have to keep an eye out for anything left out as it might get hoovered up when you’re not looking. She would be great in a house with another dog although she can get a little possessive of a favourite sleeping spot. It never turns to aggression, but she can be a little bossy. We are not sure whether Missy would be cat workable. From our experience on walks I would say not as she seems to have quite a strong prey drive. Squirrels particularly get her excited Overall Missy is a beautiful, friendly girl who would make a great addition to a reasonably active home with a little time to help her settle in to a domestic setting

3 Years
Smooth Coat
TBA ” to shoulder
Great with other dogs
Not fine with cats
Maybe fine with children

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