Update –  Our lucky Penny is such a sweet girl. She’s a typical puppy, playful energetic and mischievous! Her favourite things are blowing bubbles in the paddling pool and chasing pigeons around the garden with her foster brother.
She is clean in the house and crate trained. Happy to be left with another dog around. She’s learning to walk on a lead and is still a bit of a puller but we’re making progress with this.
Not suitable to be homed with cats or small furries. She can get a bit overwhelmed in new situations, but her confidence is growing by the day.

Please meet Penny the puppy, wow what a pretty girlie.  Penny is a bit hand shy and timid but every day she is coming out if her shell, she is a pickle puppy loving her toys, loves stealing things and chewing things up, she is around 12 to 16 months old.

Penny does need another active dog to live with her and Penny must have a paddling pool, it will be top of our list when home checking.  This girlie likes blowing bubbles under the water and submerginag herself completely only showing her eyes and ears, it’s so funny to watch.  Penny is house trained and sleeps through the night.  She will need people around a lot and she will need older kids 15 +.

Penny is super clever and bright and wants to learn, she would do well at dog training, she loves food and treats and is very food orientated.  Someone is going to be so lucky to adopt this amazing girlie.

1 Year
Smooth Coat
24″ to shoulder
Great with other dogs
Not good with cats
Good with children 12+

Get in touch with us about this lovely dog!

Pip: 01386 853971 (Weekdays after 5pm, Weekends anytime)

Linda: 01212 584510 (Weekdays after 5pm, Weekends anytime)