Update 7th April
Raffles had now had his first surgery, the operation went well and the vet was very pleased, he will now have regular check up for the next 6 weeks and then be re-x-rayed to check how it is healing.
We will keep you all updated on his progress
Raffles will not be up for rehoming for a long time so please do not contact us about him, we are raising money to pay for the operations that he needs to fix his legs. We will continue to update everyone on his progress.
Please meet Raffles a 6 to 7 month old pup, Raffles came in a couple of days ago,his front legs have been broken at some point in his young life, we don’t know how but we have had it confirmed by x-rays. I don’t want to focus or upset myself with this,I want to focus on this beautiful soul and what we all can do to make this boys life better and give him the best chance of sorting his legs out so he can live a full and happy life. That is where you our supporters come in, today we are opening are huge, enormous raffle in aid of raising as much funds as we can for Raffles, we have been to see a wonderful specialist who is looking at what procedures are going to be the best for this boy. This is obviously going to be extremely costly the raffle is only a pound a ticket, we have over a 100 prizes that have all been donated, a massive thank you to you all for those items. Please share the raffle to everyone you know, we need to make this raffle a huge success. I will be posting more on Raffles throughout the day. Thank you everyone I absolutely know you will all get behind us on this and make it happen. Please follow this link for details of the raffle and payment details xx
6 months
Smooth Coat
Great with other dogs

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