Hi all, we have looked in depth at the rehoming regulations and how we can re-home our dogs, keep our foster homes safe and keep you guys safe.  We have spoken to all our foster homes and have decided that we will start rehoming, but not all of our dogs.

Some of our dogs that need very special, experienced homes we will not rehome yet, also any foster homes that do not want to rehome due to shielding or who are feeling uncomfortable about the process will not be included at this time.

We will only rehome to people who live up to a maximum of one hour’s drive from the foster home, absolutely no further.  The home will need to have external access to a secure garden.  We will be doing lots of virtual things and lots of checks prior to rehoming.

We would ask that you wait for Facebook and Website notifications to show which particular dog will be up for rehoming, then read the needs and wants for that dog. Please ensure you meet all the requirements for that dog’s criteria before picking up the phone.

Please don’t phone if you live more than an hour away from the foster home.  Really sorry guys I know you all want your forever doggie but we must be responsible and keep safe.