Rosie is now available for adoption she is around 6 months of age and is a whippet cross. She has come a long way in the few weeks she has been in foster, from never being outside, even in a garden she is now enjoying playing in the garden and going for walks.
She can be an only dog but someone needs to be around a lot and probably best in a multi person household, she can also live with other dogs.
She is currently sharing her home with children but can get a bit over excited but would be fine with dog savvy children 8 or over.
She has been introduced to the resident cats but she is a bit over the top with them and has grabbed at them so we are saying no to cats.
House training is still work in progress but is clean in her crate overnight.
She loves to play fetch and is a real snuggle monster.
5/6 Months
Smooth Coat
20″ to shoulder
Great with other dogs
Not good with cats
Children 8+

Get in touch with us about this lovely dog!

Pip: 01386 853971 (Weekdays after 5pm, Weekends anytime)

Linda: 01212 584510 (Weekdays after 5pm, Weekends anytime)