Star is 20 inches to shoulder. She is a super, bright little Star.  She is fun, intelligent and enjoys learning.  Star loves playing enrichment games in the garden with me and the children, also zooming about after them and a football! Plays nicely with my 10 and 14 yearr old children.

House training is going well, from being nervous about going outside to toilet, she now only has the odd accident.   Star has had nice manners when playing and meeting other dogs and people.  She can be a little hesitant still e.g. noisy traffic, joggers etc. worry her,  but her confidence is growing every day, she gets confidence from walking with other calm dogs.

Lead training is going really well, she is walking really well through the woods and has enjoyed a trip to local cafe for a biscuit!   Star travels well in the car but might need a little help to climb in and out.   She prefers company at home but can be left for short periods with her Kong toy to keep her busy. Enjoys her chill out time in the evening in her own bed, still keeping an ear up for any fun to be had!

5/6 Months
Smooth Coat
20″ to shoulder
Good with other dogs
Not good with cats
Good with children 10+

Get in touch with us about this lovely dog!

Pip: 01386 853971 (Weekdays after 5pm, Weekends anytime)

Linda: 01212 584510 (Weekdays after 5pm, Weekends anytime)