WILF’S NEEDS: Large, secure garden, minimum 6 feet high fencing.  3 point harness as he can escape from other types of harness.  He would like a calm, confident dog in the home but this is not necessary.  No cats, or small furry animals and no children.  Owners will need to be around for most of the day, he can be left for up to 3 hours if he has another dog for company.  Owners must be sight hound savvy and have an understanding of nervous dogs.  Wilf will NOT be able to go off lead.

UPDATE September 2021 – Wilf is settling in nicely in his foster home and is becoming more confident with noises and people in the house.  Outside he enjoys meeting dogs and people he knows but is still unsure about larger dogs and those he hasn’t met before.   He is proving to be a good pigeon and squirrel scarer and will patrol the garden to make sure none come near.  He loves shoes and slippers, if any are missing they can usually be found in is bed.  He has loads of energy, currently has 2 x 1 hour long walks and spends lots of time out in the garden running around with his pal or playing with tennis balls.

UPDATE August 2021 – Wilf has now been castrated and is gradually getting used the the routines in his foster home.  He remains anxious about new situations, meeting new people, meeting dogs etc.  His new home will need to be very secure as he can dig and jump.  Ideally he would need to be rehomed with a confident, calm female dog who can show him the way and teach him how to play nicely.  He will need a three point harness as he can escape from other types of harness.  He is very strong on the lead and has a high prey drive.  He does not like being left for too long, so he will need someone to be around most of the time.

Wilf has learnt a lot in the few weeks he has been with us but will need a home that are prepared to spend time continuing with his training, it is unlikely he will be able to go off lead in non secure areas.  He needs people who are sighthound savvy and understand his needs.

Wilf says: please can I have a big garden to run around in, lots of toys to play with, I don’t like the rain and I don’t like lots of noise it’s frightening.

Wilf came to us a very nervous boy, he was worried by just about everything, noise, people, other dogs etc.  He is gradually getting used to the humans in his foster home and will come and sit with us in the evening.  He is enjoying being with the other dogs in the home but is scared of dogs he meets on walks.  He is underweight and has yet to be castrated.

10 months
Broken Coat
26″ to shoulder
Good with dogs he knows
Not fine with cats
Not fine with children

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