Frequently Asked Questions

This section of the website is here to offer some thoughts and suggestions for some common, and some not-so-common, problems that people sometimes face with a newly adopted rescue dog.

Remember that the dog may have had a traumatic previous life – or it may just have had different ‘rules’ applied, and above everything else, patience and gentleness with persistance will be rewarded.

The suggestions here are NOT a panacea for all problems, and often the best thing to do is talk to your EGLR contact, or Pip herself. Sometimes a little ‘throw-away’ comment can lead to uncovering an underlying problem that you may not have spotted.

Please remember, if the problem you are facing is on-going or medical, then the best thing to do is seek advice from your local vet or dog behaviourist.

Send the questions you were too afraid to ask to, we shall pick the ‘best’ or ‘most asked’ ones and try to answer them for you.