Sponsor a Dog

Unfortunately not all of our rescue dogs are successfully rehomed, some arriving after suffering unimaginable cruelty and circumstances. These dogs stay with us at EGLR and become long term fosters. Each dog is unique,having individual requirements including socialisation, overcoming fears etc, veterinary care and special diets as well as the normal doggy needs of food, bedding, toys and treats. By sponsoring one (or more) of our dogs, you will help us to make sure that these dogs receive everything that they require for a much deserving happy life.

The sponsorship fee is £20 per year and £10 for children (12 and under).

To sponsor one of our lovely ELGR doggies, contact us on sponsordog@talktalk.net or fill out our form below and we will get back to you!

Thank you for your support, it is greatly appreciated  by both the humans and canines at EGLR!

Sponsor one of our lovely dogs!