I have a story to write and share with you but its not a happy one, why I have chosen to tell you is because I want everyone to know Barney and understand what as a rescue we do and why we do it, but most of all I don’t want Barney not to be known.

Barney came in completely flat, unable to stand or walk, lethargic, covered from head to toe in fleas, dehydrated and completely emaciated.  He was covered in excrement and there wasn’t an ounce of fat on his body.

Barney was at our vets for 2 weeks he was dripped, syringe fed treated for fleas and worms, put on pain relief antibiotics and massaged by the veterinary nurses and had laser therapy.
Over the 2 weeks Barney was able to stand and although wobbly he started to walk. After lots of consultation with our vets I agreed to bring him home and see if I could put some weight on him, make him a bit happier as he was so depressed, he had literally given up.

I have had the greatest pleasure in living with Barney for the last few weeks and I wanted to share with you a little about dear barney’s time with me.
Once Barney started eating on his own there was no stopping him Barney developed a real taste for spaghetti bolognaise, cottage pie, lasagna, sausage, ham, chicken and cheese but couldn’t manage dried dog food and wasn’t interested in tinned meat, so we gave him what he wanted, what he enjoyed and why not.
Now he knew where the food is coming from, he would start demanding food knowing when it was being cooked and would loiter in the kitchen until it was ready.
Barneys weight has increased by about 1 ½ Kg, and with this has grown in strength and manages a potter in the garden and mooches around.

Barney had never wagged his tail or shown any recognition of the love we have given him but in the last couple of days barney is coming up to us and showing signs of enjoying the attention he is getting.  All positive and at last showing progress, he also started responding to his name slowly but it is progress.
Barney soon started to love the fuss being stroked and being fed ham and chicken roll, we joked that Barney was eating better than us.
Barney loves his ears being cleaned as he had terrible ear infections and I am sure appreciates to relief having them clean gives him.
Barney was quite lame on his right front leg and never lifted his head up properly, he has a nasty pink older scar all round his neck which suggests he was tied up for a long period of time and tightly to leave the severity of scarring.
When we first started handling Barney he was flinching a lot when being touched or stroked, obviously not used to being handled with kindness.
In agreement with the vets we took Barney to have numerous x rays to see what was going on, the vets took 9 x-rays the news is awful and untenable to believe, Barney has a broken neck horrendous arthritis and rheumatism and damage to his spine.
Barney just doesn’t deserve this, Barney never should have had the awful treatment that has obviously been dealt out to him over his lifetime. The pain and suffering that poor barney has experienced is unbearable to think of, there is no words for the emotions we are feeling for how this world has treated barney.

This story will upset some of you some of you will find it devastating, this is not my intention, I don’t want Barneys life to mean nothing, to not go unnoticed, to not be known.
We have huge vet bills if you can afford to send a donation towards barneys bills please do.

We are taking every day at a time for barney and taking every day as a bonus, Barney is just one of those dogs that you love instantly, and barney is one special boy.