Tucker came into us with a dreadful open sore and infected lump on his leg. This was very painful for Tucker and he had to have it cleaned and re-bandaged every couple of days. He was put on antibiotics, pain killers and anti-inflammatories but the stress Tucker went through over the pain on his bandage change day meant he had to be sedated.

On vets advice we had the wound biopsied. Sadly it came back as cancer although an uncommon one that wasn’t fast growing. It was agreed the best course of action was to amputate Tuckers leg. We had chest X-rays to make sure it hadn’t spread and blood tests all came back negative, which was really good news. Tucker had his operation and all went well, so well that he was going to be allowed to come home to his foster mummy today(Friday).

Life just isn’t fair sometimes and for dear Tucker this was to be the case. Tucker sadly suffered from an embolism. This beautiful, special little boy, Tucker went over to rainbow bridge yesterday. It was a big shock to us all and the vets. I didn’t want Tucker to not be known and his story to not be told or read. He deserved to be acknowledged for the wonderful dog he was and the love he gave us for the short time we had him.

To his amazing foster mummy Linda my heart is sad for you. He knew you loved him and you gave him the best couple of weeks of his life. Please try and remember this in your time if grief.